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Viral Kindness Groups

These are groups for local communities to assist each other during extended periods of lockdown/curfew due to COVID-19. Assistance may be best effort - in terms of facilitating group members to help each other with simple tasks (e.g. helping get groceries, medicine, etc.) or in terms of sharing useful local information/volunteering. Join a local group in your area by clicking the join link in the table below! If you want to register to be a moderator or start a viral kindness group, sign up using the form at the bottom of the page. Do read our complete goals and guidelines for the groups.

Moderator Sign Up Sheet

As an extension to our COVID-19 India handbook, we are looking for moderators to handle Telegram/Whatsapp/Facebook COVID-19 viral kindness groups for each region in India. Our aim is to organize local knowledge so that people can assist each other at the city or town level quickly. Moderators will be required to organize information, filter fake news and encourage group members to participate to achieve our goals.

Go ahead and create a group for a region if you don't see one on our page already - once you are done, fill out the form below and link this document in your group description. Ping us on our slack channel and join the discussions with other moderators once you are done filling the form. We are in this together and are willing to help if you have questions and are looking to learn from each other!

Slack Channel Goals and Terms of Viral Kindness Groups


Help your local community:

Know someone who needs help in your local community? Someone who needs food/water, etc. Maybe an elderly member in your community who needs shopping assistance? Or someone who just needs to talk to another human being to deal with social distancing? Whatever small things you can offer, we encourage members in the group to have initiatives which can help. Share your initiatives you have with the group and see if others are willing to contribute. Also consider joining as a volunteer to an effort such as in your local area. Our site will have many such projects listed - choose one you like.

Help COVID-19 related data collection efforts:

If you have local data in your region, be it NGO's, helplines, help for elderly, hospitals, etc. help well recognized projects to build a database of such regional information. One such example is - use the 'add to list' feature in their app to add your data there - this is remote work anyone can contribute to. has many such projects listed - Choose one and contribute. We will also post our requests for collection of data in your local region to the group, keep an eye out for those messages.

Help group members:

Maybe there is a time when members of the group themselves need assistance, we hope this platform can assist group members to help each other out in times of need.

Help your family and friends:

Educate your family and friends about COVID-19. Encourage them to see beyond the daily infection counts and news bulletins. Be an active participant to help those in your closest circle of people.

Finally, help spread the word:

Encourage willing people to learn about our resources, visit the website and to join our viral kindness groups. Share our social media pages:
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Guidelines and Terms

A viral kindness group is a best effort volunteering group. If anyone can help with a situation, they will. Our hope is that every need of a group member is met with a volunteer, but we cannot affirm that will be the case always. We will try our best to encourage volunteers to try helping each other as much as they can. Remember, even doing small tasks or guiding a fellow group member may prove immensely helpful for people in need.

We have a few, basic guidelines to improve the quality of the groups:

A user not following those guidelines will be warned three times before being temporarily banned.

Your data will ONLY be accessible by the COVID-19 Viral Kindness admins and will only be shared further with your consent. We will never share your details with anyone else without prior consent from you. Your data will be securely stored until the end of the COVID-19 outreach - after which we will delete it. By joining this group, you agree to the terms and disclaimer stated in this document.

The website and our viral kindness groups may contain information about medical conditions, treatments, personal protective measures and local data/resources. The information is not advice, and should not be treated as such. We bear no responsibility for any decisions or actions taken resulting from information found in these resources, nor do we claim that any of it is complete, true, accurate, up-to-date, or non-misleading. Use and re-use it at your own risk!

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